Hide an Application from Quickbase Search

Say you want to create an application to manage your company's volunteer program. A lot of people from your company participate, but not everyone. There's no existing Quickbase group of volunteers, so the easiest way to grant volunteers access is to share the application with your entire company, and email the application's URL only to volunteers. But when you do that, your application may show up whenever anyone from your company conducts a Quickbase application search. To keep it out of sight, hide the application from Quickbase search. Hiding an application also works if you've shared an application with everyone on the Internet for convenience (data in a publicly-accessible application should never contain confidential information).

Note: Hiding an application from the search feature merely excludes it from search results and DOES NOT LIMIT PERMISSIONS. When you hide the application from search, it is still accessible by all users on the User List.

To hide an application from the Quickbase application search:
  1. From the app home page, click Settings, then click App properties.

  2. Click Advanced settings to expand the section.

  3. Under Security options, click the Hide from public application searches checkbox.

  4. Click Save.
    Quickbase application search no longer shows this application.

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