Hide Tables from the Table Bar

If for example, you create an application, and include a special table to track your application management tasks. You don't want any other users to view this table.

No problem. You can keep this table out of sight by removing it from the Quick Base table bar.

To hide tables from the table bar:
  1. Open the table you want to customize from the Table bar, click SETTINGS, then click Advanced settings.

  2. Click Advanced Table Settings to expand the section, if needed.

  3. Click the Show in the table bar checkbox to clear it, and then click Save on the Page bar.

    This setting will also disable the table name link and the REPORTS & CHARTS link on the Page bar when the user displays a report from the hidden table.

    Tip: If you want to do a thorough job of hiding your table, exempt the table from a Quick Base Find operation. If you do so, records from your private table won't appear when your users conduct a search of your application.


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