How is Usage Defined and Measured?

All Quickbase plans come with a standard set of entitlements:

  • App Space
  • Attachment Space
  • Channels
  • Reads

Measuring with Reads

User Reads and Integration Reads do not count or limit the following:

  • The number of times data is created or edited in Quickbase applications
  • The administration and management of the Platform, Applications, and Accounts
  • The creation and configuration of Quickbase Applications
  • Automated actions taken by Quickbase Sync, Automations, and Webhooks

How are User Read and Integration Read allocations calculated?

A: For existing Quickbase customers, we use your current usage of the platform in order to help you determine your Read(s) allocation(s). For new customers, we summarize usage data across accounts with similar profiles to yours in order to determine your Read(s) allocation(s).

Q: If I am on a Usage-Based plan, do both my User Reads and my Integration Reads have limits? Are the limits the same?

A: In a Usage-Based contract, User-Reads and Integration Reads will count towards the Reads entitlement. Reads is the only usage entitlement you will see on your contract. The limit is on the total of Integration Reads and User Reads, not individual limits. This gives our customers maximum flexibility on how to use the Quickbase Platform and in a way that is best suited your business needs.

Q: How do I monitor usage of my Reads?

A: Realm and Account Admins can see how many Reads have been consumed in the contract-period via our new feature in our Admin Console called Platform analytics. These Admins will be able to see all major entitlements and metrics related to their contract starting in April 2021, with the ability to drilldown into the top Apps and& Users (and their trends over time) later this year.

Q: What if I need more Reads during my contract term?

A: Both User Reads and Integration Read Add-On packages are available for add-on purchase throughout your contract term.

Q: What if I do not use all my allocated Reads during my contract term?

A: Entitlements are a limit and are not something that carry over from one contract term to the next. We would encourage you to make the best of what you have purchased to deliver maximum value to your business. There are a variety of use cases and workflows that Quickbase helps 5000+ customers across the globe. Please talk to your AE / CSM if you need help building applications on Quickbase.