Creating an App from Lucidchart

You can create an app based on a Lucidchart entity relationship diagram (ERD) diagram. This enables you to visualize, design, and plan the schema of your app with your colleagues in Lucidchart, then quickly import it into Quickbase to create the new app. Read more about this partnership with Lucidchart.

As you create your ERD in Lucidchart, be sure it meets the following requirements before importing it to Quickbase:

  • It includes a “Field, Type” block, not a “Key, Field” block. Otherwise, your fields will be imported as text and names will not carry over.
  • It contains supported relationships (see also Feature limitations).

Here's a Lucidchart diagram that you can use as template when you start designing your app.

To create your app from a Lucidchart ERD:

  1. Open your diagram in Lucidchart.
  2. In the left panel under Entity Relationship, click Export.

  3. Under Which system are you using?, select Quickbase.

  4. Under Export, click Copy to Clipboard, then click Done.
  5. In Quickbase, click Create new app. Click Import from Lucidchart.
  6. If necessary, select an account.
  7. In the field, paste the commands (JSON) you copied from Lucidchart.

  8. Click Create app.

Feature limitations

Here are some things to know as you use this feature. In Lucidchart:

  • Use the Export link under the Entity Relationship Shapes category, not File > Export.
  • You may need to add the Entity Relationship shapes category.

Also note:

  • Only Quickbase-supported relationship structures import properly. This includes any one-to-many relationship The following relationships are not supported:
    • One-to-one
    • Many-to-many between just two tables
  • Custom key fields cannot be specified through this feature.
  • Summary and lookup fields cannot be created through this feature.
  • This feature automatically creates a relationship's reference field if there is a relationship set up between two tables in your Lucidchart diagram.
  • You can use this feature to create tables, but not put data into tables.
  • The following maximum limitations apply:
    • Tables = 80
    • Fields = 50 (per table)
    • Relationships = 50
    • Field choices = 50 (per table)

Field types supported by Quickbase

This list can help you determine what field names to use in your Lucidchart diagram before you import it to Quickbase:

Supported field type Index value Acceptable name variations
Address AD Address
Checkbox CB Boolean, Check, Checkbox, Check box, bool
Date DT Date
DateTime TM Dateandtime,TimeDate, Date and time, time and date, date/time, date / time
Duration DU Length, duration
EmailAddress EM Email
FileAttachment FV Attachment, File
ListUser UC List User, Listuser, List-user, List - User,Userlist, User List
Multiline LD MultipleLines, Multiline, Text - Multi-line, Multiline text
MultipleChoice TC Choice, Choices
Numeric NM Number, Numbers, Integer, Float
NumericCurrency CA CurrencyNumber, Numeric Currency,NumericCurrency, Numeric-Currency, Numeric - Currency, Currency
NumericInteger IN (Converts to a numeric field)
NumericPercent PC Numeric Percent,NumericPercent, Numeric-Percent, Numeric - Percent, Percent Numeric, Percent, Percentage,NumberPercentage, Percent Numeric, Percent
NumericRating RT Numeric Rating,NumericRating, Numeric-Rating, Numeric - Rating, Rating Numeric, Rating,NumberRating
PhoneNumber PH Phone, phone number
RecordId RI Created automatically by Quickbase
RichText TS HTML, Rich Text
Text TX Text
TextCollection SL Text Collection,TextCollection, Multi-Select Text, Multiselect Text, MultiselectText, Text Multi-Select,TextMulti-Select, Multi-select, Multiselect
TimeOfDay TD Time
Unknown UN Miscellaneous
URL LK Link, Website, url
User US AppUser, User
WorkDate WD DateWork, Work Date, WorkDate
FormulaCheckbox CBV CheckboxFormula, Formula checkbox, Checkbox formula
FormulaDate DTV DateFormula, Formula date, date formula
FormulaDateTime TMV DateTimeFormula, Date time formula, formula date time
FormulaDuration DUV Formula Duration
FormulaEmailAddress EMV FormulaEmail, Formula email, email formula
FormulaListText SLV Formula Text Collection, FormulaTextCollection, Formula Multi-Select Text, Formula Multiselect Text, FormulaMultiselectText, Formula Text Multi-Select, FormulaTextMulti-Select, Formula Multi-select, Formula Multiselect
FormulaListUser UCV Formula List User, FormulaListuser, Formula List-User, FormulaListUser, FormulaUserlist, Formula User List
FormulaNumeric NMV NumericFormula, NumberFormula, Formula number, number formula
FormulaPhoneNumber PHV FormulaPhone, PhoneFormula, phone number formula, formula phone, formula phone number
FormulaText TXV TextFormula, formula text, text formula
FormulaTimeOfDay TDV FormulaTime, TimeFormula, formula time, time formula
FormulaRichText TSV RichTextFormula, formula rich text, rich text formula
FormulaURL LKV URLFormula, formulaurl, urlformula
FormulaUser USV UserFormula, user formula, formula user
FormulaWorkDate WDV WorkDateFormula, work date formula, formula work date
FormulaCurrency CAV CurrencyFormula, currency formula, formula currency
FormulaPercent PCV PercentFormula, formula percent, percent formula, formula percentage