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When you have multiple tables in an application, it's a good bet that the data they contain is related. For instance, those customers in your Clients table probably purchase items listed in your Products table.

Usually, you link tables together by creating a relationship between them. This is the best and most precise way to specify that certain records are related to each other.

But, life's not always so precise. For example, say you have a customer feedback table where you store comments submitted to your web site's suggestion box. Customers harangue you at length in a text field about what they want to see you do better. In the midst of that field they may mention one or several of your products. Wouldn't it be great if you could have Quick Base search that field for mentions of each product name and have a link in your product record open all relevant feedback records? Well you can—with a report link field.

A report link field gives you some of the features of a relationship, without all the formality and precision. If you're looking for precise matches, you should create a relationship. But a simple report link field is great for matching records with a loose connection—where one field may or may not contain a value from a field in another table. Instead of you and your users connecting records in separate tables (by selecting the related item from a dropdown), Quick Base make those connections on its own automatically.

To create a lone report link field:
  1. Open the application in which you want the link to appear.

  2. Open the table in which you want the link to appear.

  3. Click Settings in the page bar.

  4. Click  above Fields.

  5. Enter a field label for the new field, select Report Link from the Type dropdown, and then click Add .

  6. If prompted, select the forms on which you want the new field to appear, then click Add Fields to Forms.

  7. Click the name of the new field to edit its properties.

  8. Select a field from the dropdown. to set the source field for the Field relationship.

    Quick Base uses this field to match records with the other table. The field must exist in the same table as the new Report Link field.

    Note: Text from this field serves as the text of your link. Or you can enter different text in the Link text box.

  9. To select a target for the link, complete the following task:

    1. Click Select Target, select the application where the target field resides, then click OK.

      Select the field that contains the records you want to display when a user clicks the link you create.

    2. Select the target field, then click OK.

  10. Optionally change the field matching preference.

    Quick Base requires values in the source field to exactly match values in the target field or the link doesn't work.

    Unselect the Value matching checkbox to give yourself some more leeway.

    Quick Base matches records that are mostly alike, but not exactly alike. For instance, two records like "Peabody, LP" and "Peabody, Corp" still match up, even though they're not exactly the same. When you unselect this checkbox, also is a great way to tell Quick Base to include target records that contain the text from your source field.

  11. Add data to both tables.

    In order for the report link to work, text entered in the source field must match text in the target field. If you want to link fields that contain different information, look into creating a relationship instead.

  12. Open a report of the table to which you added the report link field.

    Your new Report Link field is the report. If you click a link in this field, Quick Base opens a page that displays all the records that have matching values in the two fields you specified in steps 7 and 8.

See a Report Link field in action

The Formula Functions Reference contains a field called More examples. This field connects each Formula Function record with records in Sample Formulas table. If any content in the Sample Formulas' Solution field contains text from the Formula Functions Reference's Function field, a link is made.

To see the links between the Formula Function record and the records in the Sample Formulas table: 

Visit the Formula Functions Reference, then click the More examples link for several functions.

You may notice one drawback: matches are not precise, so sometimes Quick Base connects records that don't match exactly.


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