Using report link fields to create links between tables

Usually, you link tables together by creating a relationship between them. This is the precise way to specify that certain records are related to each other.

When you create table-to-table relationships, the process automatically adds report link fields to show child records on parent records. But you can also use report link fields outside of table-to-table relationships to match information. You can create and configure a report link field to include matching criteria and show either a link to a report or an embedded report on records.

To configure a report link field:
  1. In properties, in the Field relationship section, use the Match the values in this field from this table drop-down.

    Note: Text from this field serves as the text of your link. Or you can enter different text in the Link text property in the Display section.

  2. In the to the values in this field column, choose Select Target, then step through the dialogs to select the app and field on which you want to report.

  3. To narrow the matching in the report, you can select the Value matching choice to only include values if they match exactly in both fields.

Report link field example

The Formula Functions Reference contains a field called More examples. This field connects each Formula Function record with records in the Sample Formulas table. If any content in the Sample Formulas' Solution field contains text from the Formula Functions Reference's Function field, a link is made.