About List-User Fields

Do you ever wish you could assign a single task to more than one user in an application? Or choose several users to take on the role of project lead? With the list-user field type, you can design apps that let you do just that.

Users in a list-user field are sorted alphabetically by first name. You can search for users in the list by typing any portion of the user's name, email address, or user name into the User Picker.

The content of the dropdown for a list-user field is determined by the set defined for the field. For more information, read about the default and custom user sets. You can select up to 20 users in each list-user field.

When can you use list-user fields?

For the most part, you can use list-user fields in the same way you use regular fields. You can filter reports, email notifications, and email reminders using these fields. You can sort and group reports by list-user fields. (See more about how to filter records using list-user fields.)

You can also use list-user fields as lookup fields when you create a relationship or cross-application relationship between tables.

When can't you use list-user fields?

In some areas, Quick Base does not currently allow the use of list-user fields. These are:

  • conditional dropdowns

  • summary fields

  • shared value fields

  • key fields

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