Locate Data You Recently Viewed

Imagine that you edit a record and save it, only to remember that you forgot to add some important information. So, you must search for and open the record again. In this and other scenarios, you may return to the same record many times in a row or in the course of the same day. Rather than searching for these records again and again, you can use the handy shortcut that Quick Base provides to speed your work.

The recently visited records list provides you with an easy way to locate a record that you recently viewed. To see this list, click Favorites on the Global bar, then click Recently visited in this app if the menu shows favorite reports.

The menu that displays lists the last ten records and reports that you've worked with across all tables in the application that's currently open. To go directly to a specific item, click its name in the list.

Records or reports won't appear in the recently-visited list if you can no longer access them. For example, if a record that you recently opened is deleted, you won't see it here. Likewise, if an application administrator moves a table out of this application, all entries that point to records in that table disappear from the list.

Note: By default, the term "record" is used to refer to the records in a table, but the terms used in your application may be different (for example, "contact," "task," or "issue").

Record display format within the Recent list

Usually the information that shows up in the recently-visited list is enough to help you select a record. Depending on your data, this might be something like "Contact Name" plus a record number. If you don't like what you see, your Application Manager can change the fields that appear in the recently-visited list so they're more informative and helpful. To do so, contact the manager to change the table's Record Picker View.