Using AND and OR in a Single Filter

In the Report Builder, you can create advanced queries, specifying that Quickbase find records that match ALL or ANY of the filters you enter. However, when you're working with a single filter, you can write a query that finds an ANY match. In the text box where you type the term to be matched, enter two or more terms and separate your entries with the word OR or AND (these must be capitalized). For example, to find all records whose status is either Open or In-Progress, you would type Open OR In-Progress.

Tip: In some cases, Quickbase displays a dropdown when you'd prefer to type in multiple OR values. To be able to enter text here, select <other...> from the list and enter your OR statement in the text box that appears (as illustrated below).

Setting OR criteria on a User Field

At times, you may want to use OR criteria on a user field. For example, return a list of all issues assigned to either John Smith or Jane Doe. User fields are a bit tricky. User values are not just text. They're linked to actual user accounts. For this reason, you need to type in a user's email address or Quickbase user name, as pictured here:

Tip: You can also insert the value "current user" in an OR statement. Instead of a user name or email address just type in _curuser_. For example, ask to see records where the value in the Assigned To field is _curuser_ OR jsmith. Another more flexible option is to use "contains" instead of "is equal to."

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