Merging data from a file

You're updating records in a Quickbase table with data from an external file. In order for a merge like this to work, Quickbase needs a way to match records in the source data with corresponding records in the destination table. You make this possible by choosing the field in the app table that holds unique matching values. This is called a merge field.

Get started by identifying the unique data in your source file. You want this data in this field to be unique (like those in a key field).

In your app, check the properties of the corresponding field. Make sure only unique values are allowed. When you begin importing, select this field as the merge field.

By doing this, each imported line of data will be matched with the correct record in Quickbase.

The following field types are not supported for use as merge fields:

  • Numeric - currency

  • Numeric - percent

  • Date

  • Date / time

  • Time of day

  • Address

  • Checkbox

  • Duration

  • File attachment

  • iCalendar

  • Multi-select text

  • Predecessor

  • Phone

  • URL

  • User - list

  • vCard

  • Any derived fields, such as formula, summary fields, or lookup

  • Composite refresh key of a connected table