Mobile Tips for Application Developers

The mobile Quick Base site displays automatically when you open Quick Base in a browser on a mobile device.  You don't need to do anything special to make your application appear in the mobile site, but by making a few tweaks to your application you can give your users a great experience with mobile Quick Base.

The following tips help you make your applications easy to use in the mobile site:

Of course, the best way to know how your application looks is to try it on your mobile device!

To learn more about the features available in mobile Quick Base, read About Mobile Quick Base.

Tips for naming applications, tables, and reports

Because the screens on smart phones are narrow, Quick Base may need to abbreviate long names in lists of application, tables, and reports, and in page titles.  

To help your users find applications, tables, and reports quickly:


Tips for reports

You can view table, chart, and calendar reports within the mobile site. Other kinds of reports, including timeline, grid edit, and summary reports, can be viewed only in the full site. If you select one of these reports, Quick Base asks if you want to visit the full site.

When creating mobile-friendly reports for your application, make critical or often-used data available in a table or chart report. You and your users will be able to view the report and associated records quickly, without having to switch between the mobile and full sites.


Tips for app Home pages

The app home page is the first page you see when you open an application. By default, mobile users see a mobile version of the app home page which includes all of the same functionality as the regular app home page, with a few slight variations.

While you don't need to make any changes to an app Home page to make it usable on a mobile device, you might want to modify your app Home page with mobile users in mind if the current app Home page:

To make your app Home page mobile-friendly:
  1. Create the app Home page.

  2. When adding sections to the page:

Tips for mobile forms

Note: Multiple forms are not available to apps in accounts on the Quick Base Essential plan.

You can create simplified forms that load faster and enable mobile site users to view critical information without a lot of scrolling. You might want to create mobile-friendly forms if the current forms include fields that are not necessary or functional for mobile users.  For example, vCard fields do not load or display on the mobile site. You could remove these fields from mobile forms.

To provide a mobile-friendly form:
To ensure users see your mobile-friendly form:
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