Accessing offline forms

Use the following steps to access your offline forms.

  1. Ensure your apps have been set up for offline access. For help with setup, visit the Setup page.

  2. Open the Quickbase mobile app.

  3. On the My Apps page, apps that are set up to be available offline download relevant forms to be ready for use offline. Apps that are available for use offline have a green arrow icon beneath the app title.
    Note:If an app doesn’t have forms available for download, it doesn't display the icon indicating a downloaded app.

  4. At this stage, your Quickbase apps behave normally. Once you lose network connectivity or toggle the Force offline mode, the My Apps page updates to show you which apps are available offline.

  5. When you open an app, there is a new interface that shows the forms that can be completed offline. Available forms display a blue Add button in line with the table name. Forms that use conditional drop-downs or form rules aren’t available.
    Note:Reports or existing records are not available to be viewed offline.

  6. Pressing on the Add button takes you to the offline form.

  7. From here you enter data as usual to add records to the table. Available field types can be found here.

  8. Once you’ve filled out the form, you see the typical options: Save, Save & New, or Cancel. When you press Save or Save & New, you see a notification indicating your record has been added to the offline queue.

  9. After you’ve saved your record, a badge appears on the Queue icon in the menu bar indicating how many records are waiting to be uploaded. You also see the number of offline records waiting to be saved in each table next to the Add button on the offline app homepage. Pressing this number opens the offline queue where you see your pending records.

For more information on the offline queue, visit Offline queue.

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