Going back online

After you have been working offline when you regain connectivity, the Quickbase mobile app indicates your connection status via the slide-down notification and uploads your records right away.

Should I reconnect right away?

There may be times when a connection becomes available but you would like to continue working offline. If you are in an offline form when you reconnect, tapping Save, Save & New, or Cancel prompts you to either keep working in offline mode or go online.

  • If you choose to go online, your records upload immediately.

  • If you choose to remain offline, records don’t upload until you disable Force offline mode., You can find the toggle for this option in the More menu. While this toggle is enabled, the Quickbase app behaves as if you are still offline

Uploading offline changes

  • As soon as a record is uploaded successfully, it is removed from the offline queue. A pop-up notification will either indicate the number of records successfully uploaded, or a failure message.
  • If any records fail to upload, you also see a notification indicating how many failed.
  • Tapping on this notification takes you to the offline queue, where you see the records that failed and an error message explaining why.

Caution: If your session has expired before you reconnect to the network, you are required to sign in prior to uploading your records. Keep in mind that if your session expires while you are entering data in a form, pressing Save or Save & New navigates you to the sign-in page and your form data is not saved.

For more information about what happens when you go offline, visit Going offline.

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