Going offline

Connection status alerts

When your device loses connection to the Internet, a slide-down notification appears from the top of your mobile app screen to inform you of your connection status. Likewise when your connection becomes available again, you will be notified that you are connected to the Internet.

Offline connection notifications

My Apps

Apps that have been downloaded move to the top of your list on the My Apps screen and display a green download icon. Apps that have not yet been downloaded move below a line and turn gray, indicating that they are unavailable.

MyApps in offline mode

In an app

If you are in an app and you lose connectivity, the app behaves differently depending on where you are.

  • If you are not in a form, navigating opens the offline version of the app, if the app is available for offline use. If it’s not available for offline use, you are redirected to the My Apps page.

  • If you are in a form to add a record, and the app you are using is available for offline use, saving the form saves the data you’ve entered in an offline record. You’re alerted that the data has been saved and then you’re redirected to the My Apps page.

    Note: The first time this occurs, an informative pop-up appears explaining offline mode. You will be able to see the saved form data in the offline queue.

  • If you are in a form to add a record, and the app you are in is not available for offline use, saving the form redirects you to the My Apps page while still saving the data offline. You are notified that the app is not available for offline use, but are also able to see the record in the offline queue.

    Note: While the record may appear in the offline queue, you aren’t able to view or edit the details.

Forcing offline mode

If you have a slow or unreliable connection and you want to add records to an app offline while still connected to the Internet, a Force offline mode toggle is available. This can be done through the settings found in the More menu. With this switch turned on, the app behaves as if you are offline but no longer prompts you to stay offline or go online when you save forms. It also save you the frustration of getting prompted every time an unstable connection disconnects and reconnects.

For more information on the offline queue, visit Offline queue.

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