Offline queue

The offline queue is where you can manage any records that are pending or have failed to upload.


There are multiple ways to access the offline queue in your mobile app:

  • Open an app in offline mode, tap on the Queue icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • Also, if you have offline records pending upload, the number of records will appear to the left of the Add button and will show the table name to the right..
  • One last method is to use the More menu button (three dots) in the top left of the screen.

Check upload status

When the menu appears, there is an option to check the upload status. This shows the offline queue


Managing records

If there are no records in the offline queue, you see an empty queue:

When the queue has items that have failed or are pending upload, you see a list of items:

For records have been previously saved, but not yet uploaded, you can swipe to the left on a record to reveal options to either edit the record or delete it. In the offline queue, tapping on a record entry also opens the item in edit mode.

For information about what happens when you go back online, visit Going back online.

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