Mobile offline setup

There are three parts to setup. First and second, the realm and app need to have offline access enabled. The third is that the end user need the mobile app. Keep reading for more details and resources.

Note: This feature is for Platform users and higher.

Realm admins

Only Realm administrators can select which apps to make available for offline use. By default, no apps are enabled for offline use.

As a realm admin with account administrator privileges, you can enable and disable mobile offline apps from the Apps page of the Admin Console.

  1. Select the check box on the left of the app you’d like to modify.
  2. Then click the option at the top of the page to enable or disable mobile offline. Any app(s) you enable will contain a “Y” in the column labeled MOBILE OFFLINE ENABLED and they will be available for your users to use offline the next time they open the Quickbase mobile app.

    Note: Up to 20 mobile offline apps per realm can be enabled at any one time, and each user can select up to 5 apps to be available offline from the Quickbase mobile app on their mobile device.

End user app setup

  1. On your device, go to your app store and download the Quickbase mobile app. Even if you already have the app, you should check and make sure you have the latest updates.
  2. Sign in using your Quickbase credentials and you will be brought to the My Apps screen.
    • Your available offline apps will be displayed at the top of the list.
    • Apps that are not currently available will show up lower on the list
    • Use the More menu icon ((three dots) in the upper left for more account and configuration options.
    • Use the magnifying glass to search for apps to save time.
  3. That's it. You're all set up and ready to start working with offline apps.

Selecting apps to use offline

  1. Open the Quickbase app on your device, sign in if requested, and you should end up at the My Apps screen.
  2. Tap on the More menu (three dots in the upper left).
  3. On the Setting screen, tap Choose offline apps.
  4. Here on the Offline apps screen you can tap the toggle to the right of the app name to enable it for offline use.
    Note:Since you can only select up to 5 apps at a time you may need to turn off an app in order to turn another one on. Simply follow these instructions and tap the toggle to turn it off. Any data stored on your device associated with that app will also be removed so be careful.

Helpful Notes

  • If you do not see the app you would like to work with, or it is listed in Not Available Offline, contact your Realm Admin to request offline access to the app
  • Forms that use conditional drop-downs or form rules aren’t supported and make a table unavailable for offline use.
  • Only Windows-1252 characters are supported in the mobile app and offline mobile. App Names, Table Names, Field Names, and record-data with non Windows-1252 characters are not supported and may result in unintended behavior on mobile.

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