About the My Apps Page

My Apps is the first page you see when you sign in. Each time you access an app that isn't already on the My Apps page, it appears here.

From here you can:

If you are a manager of an app, you can change the icon image and color in the app settings.

My Apps indicators

On My Apps, different indicators may appear on the app icon.


App has been shared with you, but you haven't opened it yet.


App design or records have changed since you last opened it.


You have used this app before, but don't manage it.


You manage this app.

Everyone on the Internet (EOTI)

Anonymous access to this app. Read more.

Recommended app

Recommended app from Quick Base Exchange. Click the app name to create a copy of this app and open it.

Sandbox app

This is an app sandbox for testing changes to your app. (Quick Base Platform or Quick Base Unlimited plans only.)


This app is locked while changes are made in its sandbox app. (Quick Base Platform or Quick Base Unlimited plans only.)


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