Platform analytics

Realm admins and account admins can use platform analytics to understand how their entire Quickbase ecosystem is being used. It features key metrics relating to both contract entitlements and general usage that admins should be aware of.

Platform analytics is included for all customers on new plans. Customers with read entitlements are on new plans.

To view platform analytics, click Quickbase Admin > Manage the realm > Platform analytics. Here you can quickly see which metrics are part of your contract entitlements:

  • Any metric with a gauge is part of your contract as a capped entitlement. These metrics articulate what you’ve used in your contract period to-date, versus what you’ve purchased for the period.

Quickbase will not stop any product/workflow functionality if you exceed your capped entitlement. When usage reaches certain levels, the Quickbase account team will contact you about adding entitlements to your contract.

  • Any metric with a number and no gauge is not a contract entitlement. It may be sub-component (like user reads and integration reads) of a larger metric (total reads), but it is not independently a capped entitlement.

Key metrics on this page include:

Users with access Number of user licenses that are currently provisioned, compared to the number of user licenses purchased.
User reads

Total number of times Quickbase displayed any of the following:

  • Form / record

  • Report

  • App home page

  • Dashboard (Note: When you click the View user reads link, rows that represent visits to the app dashboard will only show the user and a time stamp. Other fields will be blank.)

To export detailed user read information in CSV format, click the download icon.

Integration reads

Total number of times Quickbase delivered data via:

  • An integration or API

  • Any read by a non-registered user

Note: Billable step runs from Pipelines accrue towards your Integration reads entitlement. For customers on our new plans, there is no longer a separate entitlement related to Pipelines.

API calls and reads by non-registered users are tracked based on the account ID. Pipeline events are tracked based on the realm ID, so the numbers will reflect activity from all accounts in the realm.

Total reads

Total number of user reads and integration reads

File attachment space Amount of file attachment space that your apps currently use, compared to the amount purchased
App space Amount of space your apps currently use, compared to the amount purchased
Daily app users Number of users that access each app each day. For example, if you use 5 apps today, that counts as 5 daily app users
Days into contract period Number of days elapsed since your current contract period began, compared to the total number of days in this period

To view the definition of any metric, click the “i” icon.

Note: All times listed on platform analytic metric reports are in UTC.

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