Quick Base Help

Table of Contents

Learn the basics of Quick Base
About Quick Base navigation
Registering to use Quick Base
What is a table?
Welcome to Quick Base
Browser requirements
In-product Messaging
Quick Base terminology overview
Quick Base resources
About the My Apps page
Searching for an app
Removing an app from the My Apps page
Adding an app back to the My Apps page
What is an alert?
Deleting alerts
Adding categories to apps
Editing categories for apps
Removing categories from apps
Assigning categories to apps
Viewing apps in specific categories
Signing in to Quick Base
Signing out of Quick Base
Forgot your password?
About your user account
Changing your preferences
Changing spacing on forms and reports
Changing your password
Changing your security question or answer
Managing multiple user accounts
Two-step authentication
About the app home page
About the table home page
Adding and editing records
Viewing records
Copying records
Emailing records
Changing ownership of single records
Changing ownership of multiple records
Deleting records
Adding multiple records at once
Deleting multiple records
Deleting all the records in apps
Adding parent records from within a child records
Adding child records from within parent records
New and updated flags
Searching apps
Using advanced search
Searching for or within file attachments
Searching and replacing data
Searching and replacing data in a check box field
Searching and replacing terms in your app
Locating data you recently viewed
About reports and charts
About the Reports & Charts panel
Organizing reports
Common reporting needs
Displaying reports
Printing reports
Printing Quick Base screens
Emailing reports
About favorite reports
Viewing and managing all reports in an app
Creating new reports
Creating new reports from scratch
Copying reports
Specifying which reports a user can see
About table reports
Creating table reports
Using Microsoft PowerBI connector with Quick Base
Grid edit
Configuring grid edit
About Kanban reports
Kanban manual ordering
About summary reports
Creating summary or crosstab reports
About chart reports
Viewing and displaying charts
Creating charts
Printing charts
Selecting chart types
Getting data into pie charts
Getting data into bar, line, and area charts
Data structure and charting
Choosing colors for charts
Sorting chart reports
Logarithmic charts
About map reports
Creating map reports
About calendar reports
Creating calendar reports
Printing calendars
Setting calendar defaults
About timeline reports
Creating timelines
Setting up milestones for timeline reports
Printing timelines
Setting timeline defaults
Building queries
Filtering records
Filtering records using fields with multiple values
Finding records relative to today's date
Using AND and OR in single filters
Sorting and grouping reports
Displaying columns
About setting reporting defaults
Editing reports
Changing the field order in existing table reports
Using calculated (formula) columns in reports
Color-coding reports
Deleting reports
Deleting personal reports
Sharing personal reports
Creating reports that prompt users for selection criteria
Reports that show users their own records
Managing workflow with user fields and reports
About automatic email
About record change notifications
Creating record change notifications
Creating custom messages for email notifications
About report subscriptions
Creating report subscriptions
About reminders
Creating reminders
Viewing and managing all email in apps
Editing automatic email
Deactivating automatic email
Deleting automatic email
Sending email to all addresses in reports
Adding text or images to email messages
Transferring ownership of email
About document management
Posting file attachments
Reserving documents
Editing file attachments
Releasing reservations
Viewing the revision history of documents
Restoring previous versions of documents
Deleting versions of documents
Deleting file attachments
Managing app file attachments
Quick Base mobile app
Using apps in the Quick Base mobile app
Barcode scanning with the Quick Base mobile app
Field type behavior in the Quick Base mobile app and in mobile browsers
Mobile tips for app developers
Rolling out a Quick Base app: an overview
Planning your app structure
Creating apps
Building from a template
Creating apps from scratch
Creating apps by importing data
Creating apps by pasting text from other programs
Importing data from Excel to create new apps
Getting apps from Quick Base Exchange
Testing as a role or a user
Creating guides for your apps
Customizing app appearance
Visual Builder
Sharing data across apps
Who uses Quick Base?
Managing users in apps
About user fields
About list-user fields
Sharing apps with other users
Importing users
Granting app access to an entire company
Sharing apps with Everyone on the Internet
Everyone on the Internet (EOTI) guidelines
Mitigating risks of using EOTI
Everyone on the Internet (EOTI) example use cases
Unacceptable use of Everyone on the Internet (EOTI)
About placeholders
Converting placeholders to real users
The Quick Base address book
The user picker
Importing and exporting data
Importing data from outside Quick Base
Merging data from a file
Importing Microsoft Excel data
Preparing Excel data for import
Importing data from Excel into existing apps
Importing data from other Quick Base apps
Copying records in reports to other Quick Base tables
Exporting data out of Quick Base
Exporting data from reports
List-user fields: importing, exporting, and printing
Importing address data into an address field
Copying the structure of apps
Copying apps with data
Copying apps with cross-app relationships
About the copy master and detail records option
Creating the copy or import button
Changing the names of tables
Changing the labels of tables in the table bar
Changing names for records
Changing the record titles used on forms
Setting key fields for tables
Setting record picker display fields
Controlling users' ability to copy apps
Controlling users' ability to export data from apps
Preventing Quick Base from searching tables
Set the time zone for apps and the account
Changing app names or descriptions
About user tokens
Manage user tokens
Application tokens
Quick Base add-ons and application tokens
Requiring application tokens
Disabling application tokens
Removing application tokens
Setting calendar options for apps
About localizing number formats and separators
About localizing currency symbols
About localizing dates
Customizing app home pages
About report or chart widgets
About rich text widgets
About button bar and link bar widgets
About search widgets
About reports list widgets
About web page widgets
Creating app home pages
Associating app home pages with roles
Making app home pages the default
Creating rich text pages
Creating code pages
Adding images to pages
Editing pages
Copying pages
Deleting pages
About app ownership and management
Transferring management of apps
Transferring ownership of apps
Accepting app transfers
Revoking app transfers
Promoting users to app managers
Hiding apps from Quick Base search
Checking app statistics
Deleting apps
About application variables
Performance bar
Performance analyzer
About Quick Base Exchange
About sharing apps in Quick Base Exchange
Tips for sharing apps in Exchange
About the My Shared Apps page
What is a field?
Field types
Text - multi-line
Text - multiple choice
Rich text
Multi-select text
Numeric - currency
Numeric - percent
Numeric - rating
Date / time
Time of day
Phone number
Email address
List - user
File attachment
Report link
Formula - text
Formula - rich text field
Formula - multi-select text
Using formula-multi-select text fields
Formula - numeric
Formula - date
Formula - date / time
Formula - time of day
Formula - duration
Formula - checkbox
Formula - phone number
Formula - email address
Formula - URL
Formula - user
Formula - list user
About the field list
Adding new fields
Changing the names of fields
Making fields required
Making fields stand out
Forcing entries in fields to be unique
Conditional dropdowns
Conditional dropdowns: basic setup
Another option for creating conditional dropdowns
How to add cascading dropdowns
About address fields
Configuring address fields
Configuring date fields
Configuring duration fields
Configuring multi-select text fields
Using multi-select text fields
Configuring numeric fields
Configuring URL fields
Setting maximum length for entries in text fields
Specifying which fields are reportable
Excluding fields from searches
Copying fields
Changing the field type of existing fields
Providing field help
Deleting fields
Filtering and sorting the fields list
Checking field usage
Color-coding fields
About field restrictions
Setting up restricted fields
Viewing users with access to restricted fields
About predecessor fields
Creating dependencies by adding predecessor fields
Changing or deleting predecessors
How does Quick Base calculate the start date of a dependent task?
How do I change the work week to include weekends?
Logging text field edits
Using shared value fields
Using report link fields to create links between tables
Setting up snapshots of lookup fields
Setting up vCard fields
Setting up iCalendar fields
Troubleshooting formulas
Operator precedence in Quick Base formulas
Hiding formula components but showing results
Formula variables
Automatic Formula Machine app for building formulas
About custom forms
Creating custom forms
Designing forms
Creating dynamic form rules
Rules that fire when a field is set to a specific value
Rules that fire for users in different roles
Rules that fire when a record is opened or saved
Understanding how Quick Base evaluates dynamic form rules
Creating timestamps with dynamic form rules
Disabling dynamic form rules
Copying dynamic form rules
Deleting dynamic form rules
Associating custom forms with roles
Associating custom forms with reports
Editing custom forms
Copying custom forms
Deleting custom forms
Embedding reports in forms
Editing records across multiple tables from single forms
Creating exact forms
Customizing exact forms
Editing exact forms
Deleting exact forms
Adding new tables
Converting fields (or columns) into tables
Moving tables between apps
Reordering tables in apps
Filtering and sorting table lists
Removing tables from apps
Hiding tables from table bars
Deleting tables
Table aliases
Choosing table icons
Customizing table home pages
Creating connected tables
Deleting connections
Testing connections
About optimized data sets
Adding connected tables
Adding more connected fields
Adding and removing connected fields
Connecting to other services
Connecting to Bill.com
Connecting to Exchange server
Connecting to Gmail
Connecting to Intacct
Connecting to NetSuite
Connecting to QuickBooks Online
Connecting to Salesforce.com
Connecting to Zendesk
Connecting to Zuora
Connecting to other Quick Base apps
Connecting to folders containing CSV files
Connecting to Quick Base Admin Console
Filtering data to connect in connected tables
About refresh options
Refreshing connected tables
Viewing connected table details
FAQs about connected tables
Troubleshooting connected table refresh errors
About table-to-table relationships
Creating table-to-table relationships
Adding fields to table-to-table relationships
Designating reference proxy fields
Creating summary fields
Creating lookup fields
Creating many-to-many relationships
Deleting fields from table-to-table relationships
Deleting table-to-table relationships
Viewing all tables and relationships
About roles
About data access
Setting up access permissions
Creating new roles
Setting a default role
Changing roles assigned to users
Changing properties of roles
Configuring permissions for roles
Customizing the user interface by roles
Copying roles
Deleting roles
Reordering role priorities
Testing role settings
Creating custom rules
Custom rule example
Editing custom rules
Assigning group records permissions
Viewing lists of users who have access to your apps
Changing user access permissions
Removing user access permissions
Managing user access based on users' relationship to app content
What is a group?
Group name guidelines
About nested groups
Creating new groups
Adding members to groups
Copying groups
Assigning managers to groups
Viewing lists of group members
Deleting members from groups
Changing group names or descriptions
Viewing lists of apps that grant access to groups
Provisioning new users to groups
Deleting groups
Creating or editing automations
Defining automation triggers
Defining automation actions
Automation limits
Webhooks FAQ
Configuring webhooks
Creating and managing webhooks
Markers, user tokens, and field references
Webhooks error history
Webhooks support and troubleshooting
Enabling and disabling a sandbox
Using a sandbox
Sandbox limitations and details
Service plans
Built-in administrative roles and service plans
Accessing the Account Summary page
Examine account usage
Change your service plan
Going over the limits of a service plan
Reasons for exceeding service plan limits
Reduce usage to comply with service plan limits
Cancel Quick Base service for your account
Account Summary page overview
Changing the billing account administrator
Adding a billing account admin
Setting permissions for billing account administration
Changing my billing information
Viewing billing history
Getting a copy of my receipt
Getting Quick Base to recognize your company's email domain
Add users overview
Manage users with access
User status overview
Control users' ability to create apps
Prevent app managers from granting access to Everyone on the Internet
Remove users from billing accounts
Send email to users
Admin Console overview
Account Summary
Add users to a realm
Remove users from a realm
Deny users access to a realm
Audit Logs
User Tokens
Managing and maintaining a realm
Defining realm authentication
Managing user accounts and roles
Configuring realm security settings
Protecting data
Improving visibility
Password policies
policies
IP address filter policies
Security policies
Super Users
Session management
Reset security question
About Quick Base maintenance
Subscribing to the Service Status website
LDAP authentication
SAML authentication overview
Configuring SAML Authentication
SAML and Identity Provider
SAML and Customer Care
SAML assertion example
SAML and API Access
Identity management overview
Provision users with Okta
Provision users with OneLogin
Extending Quick Base
Quick Base feature limits