Print a Quickbase Screen

Quickbase is chock full of print controls that let you generate a hard copy of records and reports. But sometimes you want to print screens that don't have a dedicated print menu, like a list of fields in a table or users in your application.

If the screen that you want to print is very wide, all of the columns may not fit on a single printed page.  In this case, you can print in landscape mode and/or scale the page to shrink the content (print at 75% for example). Refer to your browser help for directions on changing these print settings.

If the screen contains row colorization or field colorization, you must enable your browser's Print background color and images setting to print colors.  Refer to your browser help for information about changing this setting.

Note: The Google Chrome™ browser does not support printing background colors.  

To print the Quickbase screen in your browser:
  1. Go to the screen you'd like to print, then choose More > Print from the dropdown on the Page bar. A print preview of the page appears, and a print dialog box.

    Note: If there is no print command on the Page bar, try using the Ctrl-P key combination (or ⌘-P on OS X).

  2. Set the following print preferences:

    • Destination printer

    • Number of copies

    • Other preferences as needed, such as page margins, color printing, etc.

  3. Click Print or OK.

Note: Changes that are not saved do not appear in the printout. Also, some screens cannot be printed in this way, such as lists of form fields.

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