Print a Calendar

When you print a Quickbase calendar, you must set some print options in your browser to get the best results. Refer to your browser's help to change the print options for landscape mode and printing background colors.

To set print options in your browser:
  1. Print in landscape mode.

    To get your entire calendar on one page, you must switch from portrait to landscape format.

  2. Turn on the option to print background colors.

    If you don't turn on background color printing your calendar's grid lines won't print. Also, boxes showing durations (events that take place over two or more days) won't display. Refer to your browser's help to turn on this option.

To print a calendar:
  1. Set print preferences in your browser if you haven't already done so (follow the steps in the section above).

  2. Display the calendar report.

  3. Click Print in the report header. A print preview window displays.

  4. Select the print options that you want, then click Print.

  5. Click OK.

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