Print a Timeline

Some projects seem to go on and on, stretching out to the end of time. Likewise, a timeline report of such a project can also stretch far off your screen. So, when you print a timeline, Quick Base offers you a couple of different options to capture all the information you want (see Step 1).

To print a timeline:
  1. Choose More > Print from the Page bar.

    Quick Base offers you two print options:

    • Print as much of the timeline as fits on a single page. Choose this to squeeze your timeline onto one page. If your report isn't too wide this is usually the best option.

    • Print the timeline over multiple letter-size pages in landscape orientation. If your timeline stretches far out to the right (even beyond your browser window, shrinking to fit on one page may produce a timeline that too tiny for human eyes. If that's the case, choose this multiple page option. When you do so, Quick Base prints data columns (from the left side of your report) on one page, and then prints the timeline bars on separate pages. This format works best if you print in landscape (horizontally across pages). Once it all prints you can line up the printed pages side by side to see the big picture.

    Choose one of these options and click OK.

    Quick Base displays a print preview.

  2. Tell Quick Base what info to include.

    You can include some extra information in your printed report. Turn on the desired checkboxes, and Quick Base add the element to your preview:

    • Include report description. If you've entered a report description and turn on this checkbox, Quick Base inserts the text above the report. If the report has no description, this option is grayed out.

    • Include filtering criteria. If you've filtered some records out of your timeline report, let viewers know. For example, it's helpful to know that you're not seeing ALL task records, but only those ON HOLD. To let folks know what records your report is showing, turn on this checkbox.

    • Include date. Turn on this checkbox to print today's date on your report.

    After you've made your selections, click Continue.

  3. A Print dialog box displays. Click Print or OK to print the timeline.

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