Provision New Users to Groups

You know that you can set up groups to grant application access or special permission rights to many members at once. And, you also know that you can add only registered users to groups.

There may be occasions where you want to add unregistered users to groups. For instance, imagine you're onboarding several new users who will be joining your team shortly. You'd like to set up their access to applications across your account so that they're ready to go on the day they start.

Quickbase lets you add unregistered users to groups through something called provisioning. If you provision a user to a group, Quickbase adds the user regardless of whether they are a registered Quickbase user. Once the user registers, they will be able to access applications as specified by the permissions set up for each group.

You can only modify groups that you manage unless you are the account admin.

Note: If you're not sure whether someone is a registered Quickbase user, don't worry. If you try to provision a user that's already registered, Quickbase adds the user using the existing user account; Quickbase won't create a duplicate account for the user.

How does a provisioned user access an application?

Provisioning a user to a group sets up access to applications, but you'll still need to help new users find these applications. Quickbase doesn't automatically notify users when they are provisioned or added to groups. Therefore, you need to provide your users with a link to the applications you want them to use.

You can email your users the links to your applications. Registered users can simply click the link to access the application; when unregistered users click the link, they will be prompted to register with Quickbase. After completing the registration process, the users will be able to access the apps. After a user has accessed an application once, it will appear on that user's My Apps page, making it easy to find the app again.

Provision users

You can provision users by either pasting a list of users from the clipboard or importing it from a file (.xlsx, .txt, or .csv). Note that you can import Excel files written by Microsoft 2007 and later -- Quickbase doesn't support importing the .xls files created by prior versions of Excel.

Whether you import user data from a file or from the clipboard, you should specify each user on a separate line using the format email address, firstname, lastname. The email address is required, but firstname and lastname are optional. You must use the same delimiter to separate user information on each line. You can choose to use commas, tabs, or semicolons. 

To avoid performance issues, we recommend provisioning a maximum of 500 new users at a time.

To provision users to a group:
  1. Access the Manage Billing Account page.

  2. Click the Account Summary tab.

  3. Click Provision Users.

  4. Click IMPORT USERS.

  5. Select one of the following options.

    • Import users from a .txt, .csv, or .xlsx file.

    • Import users from the clipboard.

  6. Browse to the file or paste in data from the clipboard, depending on which option you selected in the previous step.

  7. Modify user information and select a group for the users you're importing.

  8. Click Import. The imported users appear in the Provision New Users list on the Summary tab.

  9. Click Save.
    The users now show up as members of the group you specify. Now they have access to the same applications and roles as the other members in the group.

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