Quickbase feature limits

The following table describes limits for the many feature areas in Quickbase. Limits may vary based on your organization and Quickbase service plan.

For information about limits in Pipelines, see Pipelines Limits.

Feature Area Limits


You can group a maximum of 100 filters in an API_DoQuery call using OR and AND.

Maximum size of XML responses for API calls = 150 MB.

API_Authenticate calls have a maximum time limit of 4,380 hours or approximately 6 months (this applies to new tickets initiated on or after January 21, 2019).

Rate limitations on our API XML APIs do not have a hard protected limit, however, you will experience throttling around 10/sec per table unrelated to XML APIs. Using XML APIs can be the most common way that you can reach that limit.

For information about RESTful APIs, see https://developer.quickbase.com/headers


Number: You can create a maximum of 10 actions per table.

Size limit: The HTTP message sent cannot be greater than 4MB. If the size is exceeded, the message is not sent, and the app manager receives an alert and email notification.

Rate limit: For any app, a maximum of 20 HTTP messages can be sent per second. If the rate is exceeded, subsequent messages are not sent, and the app manager receives an alert and email notification.

Note: Actions and Webhooks limits are the same.


Maximum size of the total attachments when you copy an app = 75 MB.

When a user’s information is changed or added, certain formulas, fields, or pages may not display or return the updated information for up to an hour.

App variables

A variable's value is always treated as Text within a formula, unless you convert it to another data type using formula functions such as (ToDate()).


By default, authentication tickets expire after 720 minutes (12 hours). You can change this using the API_Authenticate call; you can set the ticket's duration to a different value.


Maximum number of characters used to customize a header, footer, and sign-in message = 3,800.

Connected Tables (Sync)

Maximum age of events kept in a connected table's history = 30 days or, if none in the past 30 days, the most recent successful refresh.

Maximum number of minutes before a refresh times out = 20 hours.

Maximum number of automatic retries for scheduled refreshes = 3 (once after 2 minutes, once after 10 minutes, once after 30 minutes)

Maximum number of cells you can import when you create a connected table = 1,000,000,000 (one billion). Cells are calculated by multiplying the number of records by number of fields.

Maximum number of fields in a table you can sync is approximately 399, depending on the field types and space consumed.

A QuickBooks Online company account can have only one authorized OAuth connection at a time from a Quickbase app. If you have a connection to a QuickBooks Online company and create a second one, the new connection is recognized and the old one expires.

There is a limit of 3 Admin Console connected tables per realm.

There is a limit of 750,000 records for the Access connector to the Admin Console.

Connected tables using the Access connector cannot be synced hourly.

Deactivated users will not be included in any results of the Admin Console sources. Denied users will not be included in the Access source.

Cross-app relationships

When you create a relationship to a table in another app, the relationship only appears in the child table's Reference list.



  • Permissions
  • Only admins can create and edit dashboards

Size and Limits

  • A dashboard can have up to 4 filters per tab
  • A dashboard can have up to 15 tabs
  • A tab can have up to 30 widgets

Dynamic filters

Maximum number of dynamic filters in a report = 5

Maximum number of values shown for dynamic filters = 60

Dynamic filters configured for a report may not appear for a variety of reasons:

  • If you're using the Use the dynamic filters defined in default report settings option for dynamic filters on that report, then the fields used as dynamic filters must appear in the first ten fields in your report. If this isn't the case, change the order of report columns.
  • If a report contains no records, the dynamic filters will not appear.
  • If a field has a value longer than 512 characters, dynamic filters for that field will be disabled and a message will appear to that effect.
  • If a field has 61-200 values, some values will display, and the last item in the list will be an All Choices link, which opens a dialog with all the choices available for that field.
  • If a field has over 200 values, it will display with a message that there are too many values to use for filtering. If all the filterable fields have too many values to display, you are directed to a search page so you can search for and display a subset of your data.

Dynamic form rules

Maximum number of unique derived fields for all the dynamic form rules in a form = 40

Derived fields are calculated based on the values in other fields on the form, such as Formula fields, Summary fields, and Lookup fields.

Email, including automated emails

You can't email charts, map reports, or grid edit reports.

You can't subscribe to chart reports.

The total number of subscription and reminder emails that you send daily equals three times the number of users on your QuickBase service plan.

Maximum number of email addresses Microsoft Internet Explorer can have in a mailto link = 100

An HTML email notification can have a maximum of 400,000 characters before it is truncated (the length of the entire HTML message, not just the number of characters in the body of the message).

Email subscriptions are limited to 10,000 recipients for enterprise plans and 4,000 for other plans.

File attachments

Maximum number of revisions for a file attached to a table = 100.

Maximum size of file attachments is 100 MB.

Max total size of file attachments allowed in an app being copied = 75 MB.


Maximum number of items in a reference field drop-down before the record picker displays = 1,000

Home Page

Maximum number of widgets per row on an app home page = 3

Maximum number of reports on an app home page = 9

Code Page, Rich Text Page Maximum size is 1MB


Maximum number of records when importing into a User field = 10,000

List User field

A user can select a maximum of 20 choices from a List - User field.

Map reports

You can't print or email Map reports.

Multi-select Text fields

Multi-select Text fields can contain a maximum of 100 choices. Each choice can contain a maximum of 60 characters.

When using a multi-select field, you can select a maximum of 20 choices.

My Apps

Lists 100 apps. After you access 100 Quickbase apps, the apps you used least recently are removed from the list.

Page tokens

If you enter data on a form and leave the form open for more than 60 minutes, you'll get a page token error.


If your account doesn't have its own realm, the minimum password length = 8.

A standard password in a realm has a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 64 characters. You can adjust these default settings in Realm Policies.

A password reset link expires after 90 minutes.


Maximum number of records in a printed report = 500

Query filters

Quickbase allows only 100 initial filters.

In the API, a query can have no more than 100 parameters.

Realm settings

By default, a user is locked out of Quickbase for 10 minutes after 10 unsuccessful login attempts. You can change this in Realm settings.

The default session timeout is 720 minutes (12 hours). You can change this on the Realm Policies page.

Reference fields

On forms, Reference fields and Reference Proxy fields typically open a drop-down when a user clicks on them. However, if the Master table contains 1,000 records or more, a record picker will display instead.


When a user creates a report, if they choose a Format in the Options section other than Normal, the maximum report size is 25 MB.

Maximum number of records that are plotted in a Map report = 100 (as sorted according to the report)

Maximum number of columns in a Kanban report=15

Maximum number of cards (records) per column in a Kanban report=100

Maximum number of reports or charts on an app home page = 9

(mobile site) Maximum of reports on the mobile dashboard = 20

If a report takes longer than 30 seconds to run, it times out.

Temporary reports expire if no user has viewed them for two weeks. You can identify temporary reports reports by their negative QID (-1000001) and a ‘Temporary Report’ badge next to the Report name.

Recent reports are saved for 30 days.

Dashboards support both Kanban and Timeline reports

Report caching Maximum cache time: 24 hours
Maximum payload size is between 4-5mb, depending on many factors. When a report or API call exceeds this size, it will not pull from cache. This will be most common on API calls with very large response sizes.

Limits of the sandbox feature are listed in Sandbox limitations and details.


If the default report on a table’s home page contains more than 10,000 records, and the table’s home page is set to show the default report, Quickbase will display the Advanced Search form.

If you search for something in a table or report, and your search term is not found within 13 seconds, the search times out.

Summary fields

Text summary fields can only accumulate up to 150 text values.

Summary fields are supported only when the foreign key (reference field):

  • Is not a summary field
  • Is accessible to all roles
  • Is a formula field or lookup field that references other fields which are scalar or only use the following formula functions (these functions cannot reference dates, datetimes, or users):
    • ToText()
    • Nz
    • ToFormattedText that does not reference a timezone
    • ToNumber
    • ToBoolean
    • Mathematical functions like log, mod, etc.
    • Text functions like right, left, mid, etc.
    • URLEncode
    • Duration conversions like ToDays, ToMSeconds, etc.
      Note: Any function above, like ToText(), referencing a date or time will not be allowed.

* Quickbase attempts to prevent builders from creating unsupported summary fields but cannot guarantee every scenario.

Text fields The maximum character limit for text, rich text, and multi-line text fields is 1048576 characters.


Table names are limited to 256 characters, including spaces.

The limit for maximum record ID in a table is 4,294,967,295.

There are no hard limits on the number of rows or columns a table can have. However, a single table cannot exceed 500 MB.

The amount of space each record uses depends on several factors, such as the number and types of fields in the table. Consult Quickbase Help for details on the data space consumed by each field type.

(mobile site) Maximum number of tables on the dashboard = 20

User invitations

When you invite an unregistered user to an app, the link stays active for 180 days.

You can invite or import a maximum of 400 users at one time to an app (10 users for a trial user).

User Tokens A single user can create up to 20 user tokens.

Visual Builder

Read the Visual Builder topic for a list of current limitations.


Number: You can create a maximum of 10 webhooks per table.

Size: The HTTP message sent cannot be greater than 4MB. If the size is exceeded, the message is not sent, and the app manager receives an alert and email notification.

Rate: For any app, a maximum of 20 HTTP messages can be sent per second. If the rate is exceeded, subsequent messages are not sent, and the app manager receives an alert and email notification.

Note: Actions and Webhooks limits are the same.