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The purpose of this topic is to introduce common Quick Base terminology and provide links for you to learn more about Quick Base. Many of these links open online help topics that give you the necessary information to get your application up and running quickly. Explore the online help around the linked topics if you want to learn more.

What is Quick Base?

Quick Base is a web-based service. Quick Base is used to build database applications (often referred to as "apps") to solve your company’s business problems. The service is subscription-based; Quick Base charges you a monthly fee based on the number of users who can use your apps and which add-on packs you have selected.

Apps built in Quick Base make it easy to collect, store, and manage data related to your business processes. A Quick Base subscription allows you to build customizable apps (often without writing code!) to suit your organization’s needs. A subscription also gives you access to Quick Base Exchange to get a head start on developing your apps. The Exchange contains apps for:

And if you do need assistance to create specialized apps or train users on the apps you’ve created, we have an extensive list of partners and add-ons.

Quick Base Users and Accounts

When you sign up as a trial user, you create a Billing Account, which is linked to your email address. Within your account, you and your colleagues can create and use apps, up to the limit described in your plan. You become the Billing Account administrator for the account, and can create other administrators, if necessary. Billing Account administrators are also responsible for:

If you are granted access to a Quick Base app, and you are not already a Quick Base user, you must register and create a user account. Each user is in charge of his or her own user account. Users are entirely separate from Billing Accounts. Billing Account administrators have the right to “remove” users, but that only means that the user will not be able to access apps in that Billing Account. If you are removed from one Billing Account, you can still use other Quick Base apps in other Billing Accounts, if you’ve been granted access to those apps.

Users can access apps in any Billing Account that grants them access. Once a user has been granted access to an app, that user counts toward the number of users allowed by the service plan for the Billing Account containing the app. For more information on accounts, see the New Accounts - Welcome topic.

When you create an app, you become the App Manager for that app. The App Manager has administrative rights to control the app. App Managers (and other users who have been granted administrative permissions) can set user permissions and add and remove users from an app's access list. App Managers have complete control over their app.

Quick Base Apps

An app is made up of the following entities (and your data, of course):

Note: Depending on your account's service plan, apps may not have access to some of the items listed above. For example, accounts on the Quick Base Essential plan are limited to one form per table and one home page per app, and roles cannot be customized.

Creating an app is an iterative process of creating and working with the entities listed above, together with entering or importing an initial set of data to test that all the pieces work correctly.


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