Password Policy for your Quick Base Account

This topic refers to functionality that is only available to accounts on the Quick Base Platform or Quick Base Unlimited plans. If you do not see the functionality described here, either your account or realm has not been configured to show it, or your account is not on one of those plans.

As a realm admin, you can set specific password policies across all your Quick Base accounts and applications.

Note:  Your users can sign in to Quick Base using your organization's network login and password if you set up LDAP authentication or SAML authentication for your realm.

To set your realm's password policy:
  1. On the My Apps page, click Manage name_of_realm, then click the Policies tab.

  2. Set the following options in the Password policies section of the page:

    • Set minimum length. You can set a minimum length for passwords to require your users to create a longer and more secure password. The allowed range is 7-64 characters.

    • Expire passwords. Click the dropdown and select the time interval at which you'll require users to create a new password. Choose Never if you want to adopt a "no-expiration" password policy. You can also require a change every 60, 90, 120, 180, or 360 days.

    • Set size of password store. You can choose the number of original passwords users must create before repeating an old password and enter that number in the Size of password store field. You can enter a value between 1 and 24. (Note: If you've specified that passwords should never expire, you cannot set this value.)

    • Require mixed case. Quick Base passwords are case-sensitive. Passwords with mixed case are less predictable and therefore more secure. Check this box to force users to combine capitals with lowercase letters.

    • Require special characters. When a user creates or changes a password, the new password requires at least one standard special character. See the table below for a list of characters.

    • Require security question for password reset. Check this box to require users to answer a security question before resetting their password.

      Note: Each user must change their password individually. If your password policy change requires a password change when passwords expire, Quick Base will require a password reset. Quick Base will not require a password reset if the only password policy change is to require mixed case.

  3. Click Save.

List of special characters

Below is a list of special characters used with the Require special characters option above.

Character Description
space A space is an acceptable special character
! Exclamation
" Double quote
# Number sign (hash)
$ Dollar sign
% Percent
& Ampersand
' Single quote
( Left parenthesis
) Right parenthesis
* Asterisk
+ Plus
, Comma
- Minus
. Period
/ Slash
: Colon
; Semicolon
< Less than
= Equal sign
> Greater than
? Question mark
@ At sign
[ Left bracket
\ Backslash
] Right bracket
^ Caret
_ Underscore
` Grave accent (backtick)
{ Left brace
| Vertical bar (pipe)
} Right brace
~ Tilde
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