Reorder Tables in an Application

The number you assign a table determines the position in which the table is listed on the table bar and within the table list on the left side of all table customization screens.

To change the table order:
  1. From the My Apps page, open the application in which you want to change the table order.

  2. From the app home page, click Settings.

  3. Click Tables.

  4. Drag the tables into the order that you want them to appear in.

    The table you put at the top of the list appears at the left end of the table bar and at the top of any list of tables.
    You can select more than one table using the checkbox to the left of the field name, then drag and drop them to reorder.

    While dragging, a horizontal red line indicates the place where the tables will be dropped. A tool tip gives exact information about the number of tables dragged and the drop location.