Customize Your Kanban Report

Once you’ve created your Kanban report, you can use the new report builder panel to customize it. Unlike the legacy report builder, you can make changes in the new builder panel and your report simultaneously, helping make your report-building experience quicker and more iterative.

Using the report builder panel

  1. Open the report you want to edit.

  2. Click Customize report. A panel appears.

  3. Use the icons on the side to navigate to areas you can edit, like Name & description. You can hover over each icon to see its full name. These icons include:

    • Name & description – Enter a title and description for this report.

    • Listing – Choose which roles can view this report.

    • Card groups – Choose which field you want to use to group your cards into columns (see Kanban reports).

    • Cards – Choose the fields shown on cards in the report (default or custom) or set this default.

    • Formulas – Create and add formulas to your report.

    • Filters – Filter the activities that appear in your report based on conditions you set.

    • Dynamic filters and search – Allow other users to refine the information that appears in this report based on your custom or default filters.

    • Sorting – Select default, custom, or manual sorting options for your report. Turning on manual sorting in a Kanban report allows your end users to click and drag cards.

    • Color – Set the colors displayed in your report, either by default or by values in a field or formula.

  4. When you are done, choose from the following options:

    • Save to close the panel and apply your changes. Alternately, use the menu to select Apply changes to keep the panel open and see your changes or Save as to save a copy of the report.

    • Preview to see how your changes will appear in the report.

    • Revertto return to the last saved configuration

Unsaved changes you make in the report builder panel will persist as long as you leave your browser tab open.


Including changes in the report builder panel

Because you can edit your Kanban report in both in the report builder panel and in the main report at the same time, you may need to specify which changes you want to save.

If you make a change in the main report, such as performing a search or applying a dynamic filter while the panel is open, a notification appears at the top of the report builder panel.

Click Include unsaved report changes to merge changes that you made in the main report into the report builder panel. This will insert filter lines for any applied searches or dynamic filters made in the main report. You can then save these changes the next time you press Save in the report panel.


Click the X to clear the notification. If you click Save in the panel without taking action on the Include unsaved report changes notification, a dialog appears that asks if you'd like to include your changes or not.


Opening the legacy report builder

To access the legacy report builder page, click the icon at the bottom left of the report builder panel.

If you hover over the icon, a tooltip reads “Use the old report settings page.”


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