Make a Field Required

There's some information that you absolutely NEED your users to provide. Sure you could encourage them to provide it by adding instructions to your form, but brute force often yields better results. Force users to complete a field by making it required. When you require a field, Quick Base doesn't allow user save the record until the user enters a value in that field. Instead, the program displays a message telling the user "The field Phone is required." You can make a field required across your entire application or only when it appears on a special form.


To require entries in a field across your entire application:

  1. Open the field's properties page.

  2. Select the Required checkbox.

  3. Click Save. Required fields are shown with a small red asterisk next to the field's name on the Fields list.

To require entries in a field only when it appears on a particular form:

  1. Create or edit the form on which you want to make the field required.

  2. Within the Form Builder, select the field you want to require.

    To select the field, click its icon. Quick Base highlights the field in yellow and Quick Base displays some configuration options in the pane on the right.

  3. Turn on the Required checkbox.

  4. Click Save.