Reserving documents

Avoid conflicts by taking advantage of Quickbase's document control feature. You can reserve a document prior to downloading. When you do so, your colleagues can see that you've checked it out and they're unable to upload a new version until you release your reservation. Other users can still download a version of the file, if they want.

To reserve a document:

  1. Display a report that includes the record containing the document you want to reserve.

  2. Locate the record and click its Edit edit button or View edit icon button.

  3. Click the open lock icon (open lock icon) next to the field that contains the document you want to modify.

  4. In the text box provided, enter a comment (optional), and then click Reserve Document.

    You have now officially reserved the document. Other users cannot edit the document until you release the reservation.

Note: Say that your project planning consultant is fired and then you find out he's reserved many documents in your application. Don't worry. The application manager is always in control and has the power to release a reservation on any file in the application.

Document reservation icons

  • A green lock icon (green lock icon) means that you have reserved the document.

  • A pink lock icon (pink lock icon) means that someone else has reserved the document.

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