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Online Help

If you're reading this topic, you've already located the Quick Base online help. If you're wondering what a feature is for or how to use it, you're in the right place!


Complimentary Training

Quick Base offers free options to help you get a solid grounding in Quick Base:

Fee-Based Instructor-Led Live Training

Want to learn how to build powerful apps and get the most out of your Quick Base investment? We offer live training at regional locations or on-site at your company. Choose from a two-day Fundamentals or Intermediate course. Learn more and sign up.

Quick Base Community

Your problem may have been solved before by another Quick Base customer. Explore the Quick Base Community, where experienced developers and Quick Base staffers share tips and tricks. You can search for a solution or post your question for discussion.


Formula Functions Reference

The Formula Functions Reference contains a listing of all the functions you could use in a Quick Base formula. For example: 

  • ToText(something) -- returns the Text value of something
  • URLRoot() -- returns the domain used to access Quick Base (e.g., yourcompany.quickbase.com)
  • Dbid() -- returns the unique ID of a table or app

API Guide
and other developer resources

The Quick Base HTTP API Guide contains a list of the public Quick Base APIs, and their request and response formats. The online help also contains a quick list of API calls. Note that API access to Quick Base is not available to accounts on the Quick Base Essential plan.

The Quick Base SDKs are now open-sourced on GitHub.

Tip: Want something built for you? Contact one of our Quick Base Solution Providers.

Service Notes

If Quick Base interrupts service for an upgrade or any other reason, you can get live updates here.