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How do you keep track of what's happening in your Quick Base application? Sure you can set up notifications, subscriptions and reminders, but what if your lifestyle is more Web 2.0 than that?

If you want, you can create an RSS feed for your Quick Base application. Whenever a record in your application is added, modified or deleted, you can find out by accessing the feed within your RSS reader. Switch from your Chess Championship news feed over to a list of Quick Base updates in one click. When you do, what you'll see is a form view of the record that changed.

To set up a Quick Base RSS feed:

Add the following bookmark location to your RSS feed:

When you do so, replace the following elements with your own information:

  • - The account URL or realm for your Quick Base account.

  • DBID - Enter the database ID for the table you want updates about.

  • XX - Replace this text with the number of the report (QID is short for Query ID) that you want to use. The report determines what records come through. For example, maybe you only want to see records where you are the person in the Assigned To field. Just create a report that specifies those parameters, find the QID and replace XX with that number.

  • YOURNAME - Replace this text with your Quick Base user name or, if you don't have one, the email address you used to register with Quick Base.

  • YOURPASSWORD - Replace this text with your Quick Base password.

Tip: Quick Base uses the Default Form to format the display of records via RSS. If you want, you can specify a different form. To do so, just tack the following onto the end of the bookmark URL: &dfid=XX where XX is the ID of the form you want to use.

See a sample

If you want a quick preview, you can try the following sample Quick Base RSS feed in your reader:

This application is open to Everyone on the Internet, so it doesn't need a user name or password.

About RSS Readers

What RSS Reader should you use? This Quick Base feature has been tested on the following feed readers:


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