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Often you'll want to replace a field's value or an instance of a term across many records at once. For instance, say that Bob has left your company and you want to assign all his tasks to Hildegard. Or maybe you misspelled the CEO's name throughout your application. You may not even remember where, but you need to find and replace every instance of your blunder. Quick Base can help you out.

FAQ: What if I need to replace a word that's behind the scenes—in my application's structure? Say your boss comes to you and tells you that from now on, corporate projects will no longer be called "projects" but "success initiatives." She then instructs you to make this change in all your Quick Base applications. When you see all the tables and fields and reports that include the term "project" you're ready to pack your bags and move to another city. Don't despair. Quick Base can help you fit in at HQ. All you need to do is execute a Search and Replace in Schema operation. Read how.

To search and replace data:
  1. Create (or open) a table report that contains all the records you want to modify.

  2. Choose More > Search and Replace in these records from the Page bar.

  3. From the In the field dropdown, select the field that you want to search.

  4. Tell Quick Base what term or value you want to find.

    Depending on the type of field you selected in the previous step, do one of the following:

  5. Tell Quick Base what should replace the found value.

    Depending on the type of field you selected in the previous step, do one of the following:

  6. Click Next.

    Quick Base displays a message telling you how many records the operation will change.

  7. Click Replace.

    To see the results of this action, you must refresh or reload the page in your browser window.

Note: If you don't have permission to modify all the records in a specific report, then only those records that you do have permission to modify will be changed.

Tip: You can remove a term by searching for it and replacing it with nothing (leave the To box blank)

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