Search and Replace Terms in your Application

You may want to replace a term used in your application. For example, you may want to change the term Projects to Initiatives everywhere it appears in your forms and reports. Use the Search & replace in schema option to search for this term and replace it globally throughout your app's schema.

Note: This command does something different than searching and replacing data in your app. If you want to actually change data in your app, such as the name of a department or project, you should search and replace data using a report.

This option allows you to globally replace terms that appear in the following places:

  • Fields

  • Forms

  • Reports

  • Email notifications

  • In open email notifications, the list of recipients

  • Report subscriptions

  • Code (text) pages

    Note: Your plan may not allow you to create Code pages, so there may be none in your app.

  • The app's Home page

To search and replace terms in your app:
  1. From the app home page, click Settings, then click App management.

  2. Click Search & replace in schema.

    A dialog appears asking you to enter a search term.

  3. Type the term you want to replace in the search box, then click Search.

    The dialog expands to show you every instance where the term appears in your app.

  4. Select the instances you want to replace, then type the new term or terms in the Replace with the term field.

  5. Click Replace in Selected Items.

    Quick Base asks you to confirm that you want to make the change.

  6. Click OK. Quick Base replaces the instance you select.

    The next time you view a form or report, you see the new term.

Can I replace partial terms?

No. You can search for and replace only complete terms.

For instance, you must type the entire term Projects if you want to replace that term. If you simply type Project, Quick Base can't find instances of Projects that appear in your app.

What about capitalization? Is this command case-sensitive?

Quick Base ignores case when it searches for and finds a term; if you search for projects, Quick Base finds projects and Projects.

With Replace, however, you can choose whether or not Quick Base keeps the capitalization of the term replaced, or uses the capitalization you use in the new term.

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