Searching for an app

From My Apps, you can search for an app to find it quickly. Your search term can be a text snippet, word, or part of a word that you know appears in an app name.

To search in your app list on the My Apps page:
  1. Go to the My Apps page.

  2. In the Search apps field, type in the term you want to find. Quickbase searches for the term in app names and filters your application list as you type.

To search all applications to which you have access:
  1. Go to the My Apps page.

  2. Click Adv. Search.

  3. Select your search mode:

    • Search for text in the name or description of an application – Enter the search term in the Text field, and optionally click Include all public applications in search, then click Search.

      Note: If you want your search to include applications that everyone on the Internet can access, select the Include all public applications in search checkbox. If you clear this checkbox, the search excludes public applications. (Making an application public is not an option for accounts on the Quickbase Essential plan.)

    • List all applications to which I have been granted access – Select this search mode to display a list of all applications you can access. Be aware that this list could potentially be longer than the list that appears on the My Apps page. For instance, if many people at your company have granted access to everyone within your email domain, all their applications appear within the results list.

    • List all applications that I manage – Select this search mode to see only those applications in which you are the manager.

    • List all applications that are accessible by the group – Select this search mode to find all the applications that a particular group can access. Enter the name of the group in the Group Name box and click Search.

Tips for improving your search results

  • Quickbase searches both app names and descriptions; the search terms must all appear in the app name or in the description. For example, if you search for "contact manager," both words must appear in the app name or in the description, or the search results do not include this app.

  • Articles, pronouns, prepositions, and other words that are too generic are discarded before Quickbase performs the search. For example, if you search for "a document manager," the search matches the app named "Document Manager" even though the app name does not contain the letter "a."

  • Searching for the first part of a word finds different forms of the word. For example, search for purchas to find applications containing the words purchase or purchasing.

  • If the search returns no applications, enter a more general term. For example, if you search for purchase requisition and no applications are found, search for purchase.

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