Set Calendar Defaults

When a user creates a Calendar report, some settings are already in place. App admins can customize the calendar default settings.

To set calendar defaults:
  1. Choose a table from the Table bar, click Settings on the Page bar, then click Reports & charts.

  2. Select Reporting defaults > Default calendar settings from the menu on the Page bar.

  3. In the Calendar Entries section, choose how events should display on your calendar. You can:

    • Select the field that marks the start of events, such as Est. Start Date, Actual Start Date or Date Created.

    • Select which type of End date to use to mark the end of events.

    • Select which field(s) from your table to display in each day’s events.

    • Allow adding new recordsAllow new records to be created from each calendar day is checked by default. Uncheck if you do not want your users to be able to add events to the calendar.

    • Choose one of more of the following display and formatting options:

      • Display calendar events. Select either a link to display the event or a link to edit the event.

      • Maximum events per day—Choose the maximum number of events to display on each day. Note: this option only applies to monthly calendar views.

      • First day of the week. Choose to always use the app’s setting for the first day of the week or select a specific first day of the week for calendar reports.

  4. Click Save.

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