Setting a default role

When you edit roles in an app, you can set one role as the default role. The default role is the one that is initially selected when you:

Existing apps will not be assigned a default role, but you can set one. When an app doesn't have a default role, you'll be prompted to choose a role when you perform the actions listed above.

Creating an application from scratch sets the default role to Participant, which allows an access level of Basic Access with Sharing. Most apps in Quickbase Exchange now set a default role, which varies based on the app.

To set or un-set a default role:
  1. From the app Home page, click Settings.

  2. Click Roles.

  3. To set a default role, select the checkbox next to the role that you want to make the default and click Set as Default. The default role is marked with a check icon ().
    To un-set a default role, select the checkbox next to the default role and click Remove Default.

To delete a role that set as default: 

If a particular role is the default role you cannot delete it. Before attempting to delete a role that has been set as the default, either switch the default role to another role, or un-set the default role.

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