About Automatic Email

The more people you have working together, the harder it is to track what's happening and who's doing what. So, how do you keep track of developments and keep everyone in the loop? You could hold a daily meeting, but that takes up everyone's time.

Letting Quickbase tell you what's going on in your application is a fast, effective way to manage your workflow and keep on top of your process. For example, when your boss assigns you a task, Quickbase can email you and let you know. Got a deadline coming up? Let Quickbase remind you. Need a progress report for the weekly staff meeting? Have Quickbase email you a report of your staff's open issues every Monday morning.

Quickbase offers three types of automatic email:

  • Record change notifications – Quickbase notifications let you know immediately that someone's made a change to a record in your application. When you set up a record change notification, any time a user adds, modifies or deletes an existing record, Quickbase automatically emails everyone on the notification list with the information. To learn more, see About Record Change Notifications.

  • Report subscriptions – Sometimes you need to see the big picture. Quickbase can deliver it right to your inbox when you set up a scheduled report subscription. For example, a report subscription can automatically email the monthly sales report to senior executives. Or, send yourself a report of your open issues every day. To learn more, see About Report Subscriptions.

  • Reminders – Use reminders to automatically send an email to yourself, a colleague, or your whole team before or after a relevant date or deadline. To learn more, see About Reminders.

Timing of emails

A random time is assigned when the email is created. It is possible to choose a time, but only if it's acceptable to send the exact same data in the report to all recipients. This can be done using pipelines - see How to use Pipelines to email a report at a specific time of day for more information.