Sharing apps with Everyone on the Internet (EOTI)

Quickbase is most secure when used with authenticated users. In limited circumstances, apps may need to be exposed to people that do not have Quickbase user accounts. To address this need, Everyone on the Internet, or EOTI, is a feature that allows app builders to deploy apps that enable un-authenticated users (also known as anonymous users) to interact with Quickbase apps. For example, you can let un-authenticated visitors view and add records, submit forms, or view reports, perhaps without even realizing they are entering data into a Quickbase app. EOTI can also allow for a custom tool or script accessing data via our API without authenticating.

To allow this type of access, you add a special group to your app called Everyone on the Internet.

The Billing Account Administrator determines whether to open up apps in the billing account for general Internet access. If your Administrator sets this up, you can see Everyone on the Internet in your list of groups. You can add this group to your app exactly as you add any other group.

The Everyone on the Internet group is like any other user entity in Quickbase. You can create a role for Everyone on the Internet or assign this group an existing role. You can limit access for this role. For example, Everyone on the Internet can only view records, not modify or create them. Or Everyone on the Internet can only view your Products table, not your Vendor and Client tables.

To share your app with everyone on the Internet:
  1. Choose Users from the Table bar.

  2. Select + Share app with new user.

  3. Select the address book icon.

  4. Choose Groups from the dropdown.

  5. From the list of groups, choose Everyone on the Internet.

    Note: If you do not see this choice, your Billing Account Administrator has disabled the ability to open an app to everyone on the Internet.

  6. Select OK. The group appears in the Share With a New User dialog.

  7. Select Add.

  8. To test access, copy the URL for your app, then sign out of Quickbase, or use a different browser where you have not signed in to Quickbase. Paste the app URL into the browser, and you should see the app without having to sign in.
To revoke access for the Everyone on the Internet group:
  1. Return to the Manage Users page.

  2. Select the Everyone on the Internet checkbox.

  3. Select Remove User at the top of the table, then click Remove to confirm.

Settings affecting Everyone on the Internet

  • IP whitelisting. If your app or realm is set to limit access by IP, this setting will also affect access to the Everyone on the Internet group. Read how using IP whitelisting can help mitigate risk when using EOTI.

  • Permissions. Users in the Everyone on the Internet group who do not have a Quickbase username cannot access the admin-level permissions to "manage all users and share the app" or "edit app structure and permissions."

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