Sign In to Quick Base

To sign in to Quick Base:
  1. Visit the Sign In page. Your Quick Base administrator will provide the correct URL.

  2. Enter your email address or user name in the Email Address field.

  3. Enter your password in the Password field, then click Sign in.

    The My Apps page displays.

Last sign-in message

For security, each time you sign in to Quick Base, a message appears showing the date and time you previously signed in.

To sign in automatically:

The Sign In page provides a nifty shortcut for those looking to save time and typing. If you want, you can ask Quick Base to sign you in automatically, each time you visit the program. To do so, select the Keep me signed in on this computer checkbox.

When you select this option, you don't need to enter your user name and password to access your Quick Base account. Instead of displaying the Sign In page, Quick Base displays a message telling you that you're already signed in.

Note: If this checkbox doesn't work for you, your account manager has probably turned off this option.

To sign out when you have the automatic sign in option set:

Click the user dropdown in the Global bar, and choose Sign out.

To open an app in Quick Base:

Click an app in the App bar, or double-click an app on the My Apps page.

FAQ: How long can I stay signed in to Quick Base?

A Quick Base session can last up to twelve hours, at which time the program automatically signs you out. Realm accounts can set the length of user sessions.

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