Signing in with two-step authentication

When you sign in to Quickbase with two-step authentication activated, Quickbase prompts you to enter a verification code that was sent to your email after you entered a valid username and password.

  1. From the sign in page, enter your username and password.

  2. Click Sign in.

  3. Enter the code you received via email. This is a six-digit alphanumeric code, for example: Y7X4QN.

    • Verification codes expire after 10 minutes. To request another email with a new code, click the I didn't get an email link.

  4. If you would like your device to be remembered, check the box Remember this device for [x] days.

    • The realm administrator determines how many days a device can be remembered. See the Activating two-step authentication help article to learn how to change this number.