Set Record Picker Display Fields

In some situations, Quick Base refers to a record, but can't display all the information a record contains, so it displays only one or two fields. This occurs when a record appears on your recently viewed records list, or when you create a relationship between tables and Quick Base offers a dropdown to let users choose a record from the master table. The abbreviated entries that represent a record in these situations are determined by the Record Picker Fields you specify for the table.

By default, Quick Base uses the content of the key field to populate the record picker, but the key field rarely means much to users. For example, do you know your coworker's employee ID number? No, but you probably know her last name. You can configure the record picker to show fields that help users identify records more easily. In fact, you can specify up to three fields to display.

To choose fields for the record picker:
  1. Choose a table from the Table bar, click SETTINGS on the Page bar, then click Advanced settings.

  2. Click Identifying Records to expand the section.

  3. Under Record Picker, select up to three fields from the Record picker displays values from dropdowns, that you want to display as columns in the Record Picker.

  4. Click Save on the Page bar.


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