Subscribing to the Service Status website

Service Status website

Quickbase utilizes a service status website (i.e., the service page), to communicate current and future maintenance activity and incidents impacting the platform. You can view the Uptime History to see incidents and availability metrics for the current year and the prior year.

You can visit the service page any time at:

We encourage all customers to utilize the service status web site as the first place they look to learn about upcoming maintenance or if they suspect an incident is occurring on the platform.

Customers can subscribe on the service status web site to receive notifications via e-mail, text, or webhook whenever Quickbase posts an announcement on the service status web site that triggers a notification to registered users.

Note: Out of respect for our customers’ time, we don't always trigger a notification to registered users for minor issues or maintenance not causing down time.

Subscribing to the service page

  1. Go to https://service.quickbase.

  2. Click on Subscribe to Quickbase in the top right corner.

  3. Select All Components in the Components field.

  4. Click the E-mail option and enter your e-mail address.

  5. Click the Text Message option and enter your cell phone number if you would like to receive text message notifications also. This is not required.
    Note: It is also not required to select Create a Subscriber Account.

  6. Click the Subscribe button to complete the subscription process.