Testing as a role or a user

To see how your app works for others, you can test as a role or a user. This allows you to make sure your app is working as you intend.


  • You must have app admin permissions to test as a specific user. Any user with either of the following permissions can use Test As Role:

    • Manage users and share the app
    • Edit app structure and permissions

      In order to use Test as User, your role must have the "Edit app structure and permissions" permission.
      This is the checkbox that makes you an app administrator, sometimes known as an app builder.
  • When you test as a role, you use the app, so any changes that you make while testing are applied to the app. But when testing as a user, you can’t make changes to Quickbase data, like adding, editing, deleting, importing, or creating new tables. As a result, you may not be able to completely check a workflow when testing as another user.

  • Your account may be set to only allow testing by role and not testing by user. Your account admin sets this on the Account Summary page.

  • To test as a user in an app that has cross-app relationships, you must have admin permissions to all apps in the cross-app relationships.

To test your app as a role or user
  1. Click the user drop-down. You can choose to test the app as "A Role" or "A User."

  2. After you select a role or user to test as, you’ll see a message in the header and in the menu indicating that you are testing:

  3. Click End Test when you're finished testing.

Mobile web preview

When testing as a user or role, you can check how the app appears in a browser on a mobile device.

On the right side of app pages, click the Mobile web preview icon:

A panel appears where you can see how elements of the app, such as home pages, tables, and reports look on a mobile device. The preview changes as you navigate through testing the app.

Note: Mobile preview is not currently available for use in Microsoft Internet Explorer.

To prevent test as user

Account admins can turn off the ability for app admins to test as a user. They can still test as a role.

  1. Click the user drop-down in the Global bar and choose Manage account.
  2. From the Account Summary page, click the More menu in the left and choose Edit Account Properties.
  3. Select the Prevent Test as User checkbox.
  4. Click Apply Changes at the bottom of the page.
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