Testing as a specific user

If you're an app admin and you've given a user access to your app, you can test as that specific user and see exactly what that user sees. You can test as any user who has access to the app, with the exception of app managers and users who are also account admins.

Test as a specific user is available to app admins only (Admin permission required).

When testing as a user, you can’t make changes to Quick Base data, like adding, editing, deleting, importing, or creating new tables. As a result, you may not be able to completely test a workflow or all functionality when testing as another user.


To test your app as a specific user
  1. Click the user dropdown on the Global bar. Next to Test this app as, click A User.

  2. Select or search for the user. After you select a user to test as, you’ll see the name of the user you are testing as in the upper left.

  3. Click End Test when you're finished testing.

Note: If the ability to test as a user has been turned off for your account on the Manage Billing Account page, you can still test your app as another role.

To prevent testing as a specific user

Account admins can turn off the ability for app admins to test as a user.

  1. Click the user dropdown in the Global bar and choose Manage account.
  2. On the Summary tab, click Account Properties.
  3. Select the Prevent app admins from testing an app as a specific user checkbox.
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