Transfer Management of an Application

It is possible to transfer management of an app to another Quickbase user. You can perform a transfer if you are the app's manager, or an Account Admin with Full Management account access for the account containing the app. Read more about built-in administrative roles.

Note: When you transfer management of an application, it always remains in the same billing account—even if the new manager has application creation rights within a different account. Only an Account Admin or Billing Account Admin can transfer ownership.

To transfer management of an application:
  1. Open the application that you want to transfer.

  2. From the app home page, click Settings.

  3. Click App management.

  4. Click Transfer app.

  5. Enter the user name or email address of the Quickbase user to whom you want to transfer the application in the text box, then click Next.

    Note: The Quickbase user must have app create permissions in at least one account.

  6. Verify that the user name or email address you entered is correct , then click Next.

  7. Click Authorize Transfer to transfer the application, and send an alert to the user to whom you are transferring the application.

    Note: No application transfer is complete until the user to whom you are transferring the application acts on the alert and accepts the transfer. When the new app manager accepts the transfer, an alert email is sent to the previous app manager.

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