User capabilities

See also Built-in Admin Roles.

Users can access apps in any billing account that grants them access. The full management account admin controls whether or not a user can create apps in a given account (on the Permissions tab of the Manage Billing Account page). Other permissions are set by the user’s role in the app they’re using. Users are entirely separate from billing accounts.

Users control some personal settings for themselves. These settings are available in the My Preferences page.

  • Show or hide new and updated flags (this feature will retire in 2021)
  • Set UI spacing
  • Subscribe or unsubscribe to Quickbase-related emails
  • Change first name, last name, email address, and user name
  • Change password
  • Change security question and answer
  • Manage multiple user accounts (if you have them)

Note: The email address and password cannot be changed if you’re using LDAP or SAML to sign in to your corporate network. LDAP and SAML users also do not set a security question and answer.

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