Using a sandbox application

The Sandbox setting lets you make a copy of your live app for the purpose of making and testing changes. With a sandbox application, you can:

  • Add or modify tables, fields, or relationships

  • Add or change reports, forms, and email notifications

  • Check your changes

  • Apply your changes to your production, or live application

When to use a sandbox application

Creating a sandbox application provides you with a safe environment you can use to try out your changes. Working in a sandbox allows you to add features to your application and checking them before deploying them to your current users. In addition, a sandbox application allows you to check your results with test data rather than live data.

A sandbox can be useful if you expect to make significant changes to your app that may affect your users' processes or workflow. A sandbox allows you a safe place to add and check changes before deploying to your live app. You may not need to use a sandbox for every change you make to an app, such as adding new reports or email notifications.

Note: You can't create a sandbox application for a connected app. Connected apps are Quick Base apps that have one or more connected tables.

How is the sandbox feature different from the Copy Application feature?

Quick Base provides another method for you to copy applications. You can use the Copy Application feature (detailed here) to create a new applications from an existing one.

While the sandbox application is technically a "copy" of a live application, it differs from a regular application copy as follows:

Developer sandbox

Copy application

When you create a sandbox application, Quick Base locks both the sandbox application and the live application.

When you create a copy of an application, Quick Base does not apply locks to either the source application or to the copy.

You can apply updates made in the sandbox application to the live application.

You cannot apply updates from the copied application to the live application.

In general, you should use the application copy feature when you want to create several similar applications that will be used in production. You should use the developer sandbox only when you want to test and deploy changes to your application.

Who can create a sandbox application?

Not all Quick Base users can create sandbox applications. To be able to create a sandbox application, you must:

  • Have permissions to create applications in a billing account on a plan which has this feature enabled. Regardless of plan, this feature is not enabled for connected apps; connected apps have one or more connected tables.

  • Have full administration permissions in the live application