View Billing History

Want to see when your credit card was last charged for your Quick Base service? Need to know when and who last updated your Quick Base plan? Quick Base provides a view of this and other information on the View Billing History page.

To view billing history:
  1. Access the Manage Billing Account page.

  2. On the top of the Account Summary page, click the View Billing History link to display the View Billing History page. This page provides details about your account such as the Quick Base plan selected, the start date of your account, billing history, and change history.

    Note: Payments for annual plans are not shown if your account is on an older service plan.

The Billing History table on this page provides the date, payment amount, invoice number, and payment status. Your most recent payments are displayed first; scroll through the list to view older payments.

You can obtain copies of your receipts from this table. Receipts are available for the last six months of payments. Click a View Receipt link in the table to obtain a copy of your receipt for that payment.

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