View the Revision History of a Document

Imagine that you go away on vacation, and when you get back, the staff has edited your Project Scope document beyond recognition. Wouldn't it be nice to see the many versions the document took to get to this point?

You can easily see the previous versions. File attachment fields automatically save old versions of the document(s) you upload. How many versions is up to you. When first created, a field automatically saves three versions behind the scenes. But the application manager can change this setting at any time.

To view previous versions of a document:

  1. Display a report that includes the record containing the document whose history you want to review.

  2. Locate the record, then click View view button.

  3. In the file attachment field, click the Revisions button.

    A popup window appears, showing previously-saved versions of the file.

  4. From here, you can restore a previous version to its former glory (make it the current version once again) or delete previous versions.

  5. Click the name of any document to view it.

Note: By default, Quickbase lets all users view the revision history of file attachments. However, an application manager can turn off this ability in the field's properties.

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