Webhooks FAQ

What are webhooks?

Quick Base users can use webhooks to automate simple workflows or fire automated HTTP messages to third-party services, based on the same event triggers and constraints available for email notifications..

Who can create webhooks?

App admins and managers can create webhooks. Anyone who can create webhooks can also activate, deactivate, view, update, delete, and copy webhooks created by other users.

The owner of the webhook must meet all of the following conditions, or the webhook will not be sent:

  • Owner has permission to the table.
  • Owner is a registered user.
  • Owner is not on the deny list.

What plans have access to webhooks and are charged for their use?

All billing plans except for Quick Base Essential have access to use webhooks. You are not charged for outgoing webhook messages. However, webhooks calling out to the Quick Base API will count against your API limit for the app receiving the message.

Can I copy an app with webhooks?

When you copy an app, all webhooks will be transferred but will be marked as inactive.

Can I transfer an app with webhooks to other users? 

You can transfer an app with webhooks. If you transfer an app to a user who is an Admin, they will have full permissions on webhooks in the transferred app.

What happens if I work in a sandbox?

When you use a sandbox with an app, changes to webhooks are not supported; they won’t be tracked as changes in a sandbox and can’t be published as changes to the live app.

What happens if I share an app to the Exchange that is using webhooks?

When sharing an app to the Exchange your webhooks will be removed.

What limits do webhooks have?

  • Table limit: You can create only ten webhooks per table.
  • Size limit: The webhook message cannot be greater than 4MB. If this is exceeded the message will not be sent and the app manager will receive an alert as well as an email notification informing them that the message was not sent. To fix this, edit the webhook definition to reduce the message size.
  • Rate limit: For any app, a maximum of 10 webhook messages can be sent per second. If this rate is exceeded, subsequent message/s will not be sent and the app manager will receive an alert as well as an email notification informing them that the message/s was not sent.
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