What Is a Realm?

This topic refers to functionality that is only available to accounts on the Quick Base Platform or Quick Base Unlimited plans. If you do not see the functionality described here, either your account or realm has not been configured to show it, or your account is not on one of those plans.

If you have a Platform or Unlimited plan, you can request your own realm. The realm account structure lets you group multiple accounts together.

One company can have multiple realms. Each realm can contain multiple accounts. Each account can contain multiple apps.

What this Realm Administrator can control users across many different applications and accounts.

What a Realm offers

Realms let you create your own domain and send users to your custom URL. They provide you with centralized control over all these applications and their users. A realm allows you to:

Note:Realm Policiesare not applicable when an external authentication system has been implemented via LDAP or SAML.

FAQ- After I create my realm and start working in it, can I access an app outside it?

Yes, you can access apps in multiple realms, using the same user account and/or user name.You may need to sign in with a different password in each realm, as the password requirements could easily differ in each. More about setting custom password policies.)

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